This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 747808.

The project resulted in the following papers and preprints. Note that the actual published versions may be slightly different the versions given below.
  1. N. Freitas, A. Kraus: On the symplectic type of isomorphisms of the p-torsion of elliptic curves, Memoirs of AMS (to appear). (pdf).
  2. N. Freitas, A. Kraus: On the degree of the p-torsion field of elliptic curves over Ql for l ≠ p, Acta Arith. (to appear). (pdf).
  3. N. Freitas, A. Kraus, S. Siksek: Class field theory, Diophantine analysis and the asymptotic Fermat's Last Theorem. (pdf).
  4. N. Freitas, A. Kraus, S. Siksek: On asymptotic Fermat over the Z2-extension of Q. on arXiv (pdf)
  5. N. Billerey, I. Chen, L. Dembélé, L. Dieulefait, N. Freitas: Some extensions of the modular method and Fermat equations of signature (13,13,n). (pdf).
  6. L. Dembélé, N. Freitas, J. Voight: On Galois inertial types of elliptic curves over Ql. (pdf).
  7. J. Cremona, N. Freitas: Global methods for the symplectic type of congruences between elliptic curves. (pdf).