Xavier Jarque i Ribera


Professor at Universitat de Barcelona

Picture: Universitat de Barcelona, Catalan Republic, September 2015

(Letter of support to UB professors under trail for political reasons)


I want to claim my absolute disagreement about using the violence and war to solve political problems: before and after, there and here, nord and south. My total support to all the people in Ukrania (and around the world) who suffer the cost of the militar intervention. 

Al damunt de la tomba
hi ha nat un taronger
i a la branca més alta
hi canta l’esparver,
que diu en son llenguatge,
sempre de cara al vent:
Maleïdes les guerres
i aquell qui les va fer!

Anònim segle XIV o XV (in catalan)

Catalans know very well the use of the violence against our people and the proclaimed Catalan Republic, on October 1st, 2017. I give all my support to the legitimate Catalan Parliament and Catalan Goverment in front of the Coup d'État of the Spanish Goverment with the support of the whole Spanish Parliament.

My support to the legitimate members of the government still in exile (Molt Honorable President Carles Puigdemont, Honorable consellera Clara Ponsatí, Honorable conseller Lluís Puig, Honorable conseller Toni Comín), members of the Catalan Parliament Marta Rovira and Anna Gabriel, and the rapper Josep Arenas - Valtònyc.

In the elections, February 2021, the 52% of the catalan people vote once again in favor of the indepedence of our country and on May 2021 we started a new political cycle with an independentist parliament and goverment. So we will continue this democratic fight until the proclamation of the Catalan Republic.        


 Last modification: February 2022