My main line of reserach is Holomorphic Dynamics, that is iteration of holomorphic functions of the complex plane.  To see our main activities you can visit our web side HOLODYN. We organize in UB a weekly (working) seminar.

We are happily part of a larger group of research in dynamical systems in Barcelona, called "Grup de Sistemes Dinàmics de la UAB". Its name is due to the fact that originally was formed by people of the mathematics department at UAB. Nowadays, the group is formed of researchers working in many universities, mostly in Catalunya. 

You can visit the great web page of the group under the supervision of Joan Torregrosa. The whole  group is led by Jaume Llibre, Lluís Alsedà (who is the leader of the discrete dynamical systems brach of the group) and Armengol Gasull. Our lines of research, apart from holomorphic dynamics, includes qualitative theory of differential equations, topological and combinatorial discrete dynamics in low dimension, celestial mechanics and numerical analysis.


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