Weekly Seminar

We organize a weekly seminar in the lecture room at IMUB (Institute of Mathematics at Universitat de Barcelona) If you wish to be added to the mailing list or have any question about the seminar please contact Jordi Canela, the organizer of the seminar since the course 2023-24 (We thank Toni Garijo who did this for many years).

To see the forthcomming seminars (as well as the past seminars during the academic year 2023-24) you can use this link. A (non-exhaustive) list of previous seminars (before September 2023) can be found here.

At the end of the academic year the weekly seminar season finishes with a Holomorphic day(s) meeting.

Since March 2020, due to the pandemic, we are organizing the seminar first online and nowadays hibrid. The zoom link is sent in the weekly seminar announcement.

(Standing) Left to right: Jordi Taixés, Àlex Rodríguez, Núria Fagella, Toni Garijo.(Seat) Left to right: Robert Florido, Xavier Jarque, Dan Paraschiv and Anna Jové. The picture has been taken after a "math-competition" among participants. Guess who won! (May 2023)

Left to right: Robert Florido, Jordi Taixés, Núria Fagella, Anna Jové, Jordi Canela, Xavier Jarque, Dan A. Paraschiv, Toni Garijo, Jie Li and Damià Torres. Year 2022-23. We miss two people who regularly participate in the seminar (presential or via zoom) but they were not in Barcelona the day of the picture: Igsyl Dominguez and Àlex Rodriguez.

Left to right: Àlex Rodríguez, Bernat Espigulé, Ramon Caireta, Anna Jové, Toni Garijo, Dan A. Paraschiv, Xavier Jarque, Núria Fagella, Robert Florido and Jordi Taixés. Year 2021-22. We miss Jordi Canela who follows the seminar via Zoom from Castelló (Universitat Jaume I).


Left to right: Núria Fagella, Jordi Canela, Xavier Jarque, Dan A. Paraschiv, Bernat Espigulé, Antonio Garijo and Miriam Romero. Year 2019-20.

Left to right: Antonio Garijo, Núria Fagella, Dan A. Paraschiv, Anna M. Benini, Jordi Canela, Xavier Jarque, Bernat Espigulé and Robert Florido. Year 2017-18.

Left to right: Vasiliki Evdoridou, Antonio Garijo, Xavier Jarque, Anna M. Benini and Núria Fagella. Year 2016-17.

Left to right: Antonio Garijo, Alsi Deniz, Núria Fagella, Jordi Canela, Xavier Jarque, Jordi Taixés and David Martí). Year 2012-13.