Martín Sombra: students and postdocs


Ph.D. students
2014-        : Roberto Gualdi, PhD student at UB and Université de Bordeaux (joint with A. Yger)
2013-2017: César Martínez, PhD student at UB and Université de Caen (joint with F. Amoroso). Thesis: Two problems in arithmetic geometry. Explicit Manin-Mumford, and arithmetic Bernštein-Kušnirenko
2011-2016: Marta Narváez Clauss, PhD student at UB (joint with C. D'Andrea). Thesis: Quantitative equidistribution of Galois orbits of points of small height on the algebraic torus
2007-2011: Louis Leroux, PhD student at Université de Caen, France (joint with F. Amoroso). Thesis: Algorithmes pour les polynômes lacunaires

Postdoctoral scholars
2008-2010: Martin Weimann, Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral fellow at UB (joint with J. I. Burgos Gil)

Master and undergraduate students
2013-2014: Martin Lippert, Master student at UB. Master thesis: Toric varieties and error-correcting codes
2012-2013: Gilles Bonnet, Master student at UB. Master thesis: Amoebas of algebraic hypersurfaces
2012-2013: Albert Rodríguez Mulet, Master student at UB. Master thesis: A Riemann-Roch theorem in tropical geometry
2010-2011: Alberto Montero, final project for the degree in Enginyeria Tècnica de Sistemas at UB. Project: BCH binary codes
2008-2009: Caroline Le Halper, Alice Le Coz & Hector Coudrin, Travail d'encadrement recherche (TER) at Université de Bordeaux. Project: Lehmer's problem for polynomials with odd coefficients
2007         : Pierre Le Boudec, undergraduate research stay at UB. Project: The bellows conjecture

Last update: 26 August 2017